Trip to Turkey Day 5 – Feel the Magic in the Air #TurkishDelight


Note: This is the sixth installment in my series of trip reports from Turkey. You can find the first five here: , here: here:,and here:

I could see Medha’s hand inching slowly towards the huge stone axe. This could not be good. Aiming to distract her, I asked, “So Medha, what is the next thing you want to see in Istanbul?”

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I knew I’d committed a grave error. The speed of Medha’s previously slowly-inching hand suddenly accelerated to Escape Velocity, and as she picked up the axe effortlessly, a gleam came into her eyes and she said in a threatening tone, “DO NOT TALK TO ME ABOUT ISTANBUL!”

Jiggy tried to be the voice of reason, and responded, “But why Medha? It is not THAT bad. Look at the Blue…

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