Close Encounters of the Duck Kind

Everyone knows that huskies would go to any length to protect an Eider Duck, even putting their lives and limbs at risk if required (See: However, the reverse too is equally true, which we discovered in Svalbard to our great misfortune. This is the story of that day.

It was a cold, refreshing day, which prompted you to go out, live your life, do something that you’ve never done before. So we set out for a long walk on an unexplored road. We had no aim, we just wanted to see what wonders nature could throw at us, and accept them with open arms. Only, those ‘wonders’ nearly cost us our lives!

We could hear the barking from a great distance, much before we could see the Dog Yard, as the locals called it. It was the kennel where all the huskies in town lived, waiting for tourists to arrive, so that they could go out for a run.

“This is the first wonder that nature has lobbed towards us,” I told my wife, “so let’s make the most of it.” Which, for us city dwellers, meant taking lots and lots of photos of the huskies.



Which, in turn, they did not like, because they are creatures of the wild, and do not like being made a spectacle of. Which is why a signboard clearly cautioned that no photography was allowed there.


Which is why, we being Indians, chose to conveniently ignore it. Which is why the huskies got disturbed, but had nowhere to run. Which is when what looked like brown rocks on the ground….


…suddenly perked up and started looking at us threateningly.


We tried to reason with them, believe me, we did, but they were obstreperous, we were a threat to their protectors, the huskies, and we had to be eliminated, period. So they quickly gathered an army, the brown females and the white and blue-black males, and in a cacophony of quacks, attacked us with a vengeance.


We did what our ancestors had always been doing when they were faced with insurmountable danger (which is how they had survived long enough to continue their lineage)…we ran.

But we realized that given the tremendous shape that we were in, there was little to no chance of us escaping certain death at the hands of these Eider Ducks. Luckily, however, the Gods were not in THAT bad a mood also, and we saw some snow bikes parked by the roadside. So we quickly jumped on a bike each, and rode away at great speed, away from the horde, towards freedom.



But not for long, for the road was only a couple of kilometers long, and our way was blocked by a frozen lake.


Given our track record of luck today, we did not want to tempt fate by riding our bikes on the frozen surface of the lake. We looked around, there were no ducks to be seen. Phew! We’d outrun them, finally.

So we sat wearily on a log by the lake, and decided to take a selfie at that picturesque spot. We were safe now.


Or were we?

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The Road to North Pole

Once upon a time, in the northernmost town in the world

We arrived upon a lonely road, eerily twisted, curved and curled

It was a sight that touched the very core of our soul

What if, we thought, this road actually goes on till the North Pole


Just a few minutes ago, to give you a brief background

I saw something and told my wife- Look, what I’ve found

It was a teenie-weenie red post box, like our Indian Post Box on a GM diet

And had begged Santa Claus to fulfill my wish of an unforgettable sight


This guy Santa is quite efficient, I thought, coming out of my flashback

I wonder why, nowadays, he has to face so much flak

If my experience with him is anything to go by

This Christmas, you won’t regret it if you wish for something and give him a try


So we took off with a spring in our steps and a smile on our lip

But we had hardly covered any distance when our lofty plans faced a mighty blip

Seeing the commotion ahead, I grumbled aloud- This Santa Claus business is a big sham

For in the middle of nowhere, dear readers, we had just encountered a massive traffic jam






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The Perilous Polar Bear

Walking jauntily towards Longyearbyen town center in Svalbard

We finally encountered the magnificent beast for whom we’d been looking so hard

He was huge, and ferocious, teeth bared as if he would rip us apart with just his jaws

And if anything was still left, he would finish it off with those deadly, sharp claws


We bowed before him, as was the custom, and begged him for a picture

At first he demurred, but then relented, such was his mercurial but kind nature

So he struck a pose that was suitably regal, he made a truly impressive sight

Armour on, claws bared, as if he was lusting for a terribly awesome fight


If I had even an iota of sense in me, I would have shown him adequate respect and maintained my good first impression

But the imp in me chose just that moment to wake up, and goaded me into foolishly copying his posture and expression

As soon as the picture got taken, he turned around and discovered that I was aping him

So he let out a mighty roar of anger, and pounced at me with full vigour and vim


I ran as fast as my legs would carry me, which, to be honest, is just above a slow amble

Very soon, he would catch me, and proceed to massacre me without too much of a preamble

But then it was like the Gods had decided to give me a second chance

For by the side of the road, I saw my escape route even through a hurried glance


And when the polar bear came running to catch the puny human and make him atone

He saw another polar bear and asked him where the human had gone

I saw him jump on to a passing boat and leave, came the reply, leaving the insulted polar bear wringing his hands in despair

And this, dear readers, is how yours truly managed to escape the wrath of a fiercely frightful polar bear



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The Troll Prince Vanishes!

Narrator’s Note: This is a story tied together by pictures, so do not judge it just by its cover (picture)! Read on…

Tinku was the son of a king, and while all sons are precious, this one was even more so, since he was the only child of his parents, the crown prince of the magical troll kingdom. So, he was raised in a protected environment, shielded from the world, as their enemies were many, and friends few. Not exactly a normal childhood, but normal enough for the scion of the royal family of Trolls. And now, he had suddenly gone missing.

There was a huge furore in the palace, and the royal bedchambers was a vision in destruction, as it had just seen the wrath of a mother whose precious son had disappeared from her bed in the midst of the night, and who, though it was easy to forget seeing her Nirupa Roy-like demeanour, was one of the most magical and powerful creatures in the world.

The troll king was pacing up and down in his Deewan-e-Khaas (Chamber meant for special guests and events, and if this event was not special, God knows what would be), and his numerous advisers, generals and sorcerers were looking at him with consternation, for they knew of his legendary temper, and if he lost it, there was a serious chance that half the world would blow up, along with them of course.

“You have exactly 60 minutes,” he told his entourage in a menacing tone. “If my son has not been found by then, I shall ban the import of Nutella into the kingdom with immediate effect.” And that did the trick, for everyone knows that trolls love their Nutella, and are ready to live without Oxygen, or with half the world blown away, for that matter, but could not visualize an existence without Nutella.

So now, they were out in a jiffy, rushing to  not just contact their sources across the world, but to even teleport to various corners of the earth themselves in order to find the little rascal…errr prince.

The Seagulls were keeping tabs from high above the ground, when they saw a small shape on a bridge, that looked suspiciously similar to the troll prince.



So they signaled the pigeons to have a closer look.


But the pigeons too got just a glimpse before the shape disappeared in a blur. So one of them flew at break-neck speed, skimming the surface of the fjord, almost like a power-boat, but it could still not catch Tinku.



However, they now knew he was somewhere in the old town area of Tromso. They went to the town cathedral and prayed that they could find the prince in time, before it was too late.


But the clock was still ticking, and now there were less than 10 minutes left to destruction and desolation, the end of life as the trolls knew it, a life without Nutella! So when General Hvath got the message from the seagulls that Tinku was in Tromso Old Town, he played his final hand in desperation, he sent a message to the Indian, calling in his old debt.

And before you knew it, hundreds of seagulls flew in to the helipad on the ship on which the Indian was travelling.


The passengers were scared out of their wits, but this was just the start, for what they saw after that left 73 German, Spanish and French grannies fainted (The Italian Nonnas were unfazed, however, as nothing could shock them!). The Indian man jumped from the deck, towards the sea, and landed bang in the middle of a sea of seagulls, who then proceeded to zoom towards Tromso Old Town, the Indian safely parked on their backs. Time left to D & D, 3 minutes.

He disembarked safely in the town square, but was confused as to which direction to take, when suddenly a seagull came and started walking towards a street. The Indian knew that he was supposed to follow it.


So he ran behind it, turned around the corner, and saw….

A ferocious dog, just about to attack the troll prince Tinku, and tear him into little pieces. Tinku, apparently, had snatched a jar of Nutella from the mouth of the dog, and the dog was not pleased at all.


The Indian took all this in at a glance, and quickly got in between the dog and the prince, and threatened the dog with an invisible spear in his hands.


The dog might have been fierce, and a killer, but he was no Einstein. He ran away with his tail between his legs, fearing for his life. And the Indian man quickly asked someone to click a proof of life with the prince, and WhatsApp it to the General, who quickly showed it to the king, just in the nick of time, and everyone breathed a deep sigh of relief. The world, and Nutella, was safe once more.


And what of the brave Indian, you ask? Well, the troll king personally met him at the port, thanked him, hugged him, and said, “I will come to you when you need it the most, and gift you what you need the most at that time.”


And that is how the troll king came to meet me when we were leaving Norway behind, and gifted us with a ravishing rainbow, along with a magical message (See:



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The Snow Cat

I was waiting for him, with the proverbial bated breath

And he unsuspectingly kept moving towards almost certain death

My claws were unsheathed, and sharpened to a point

So near, and he still didn’t see me, like he’d just smoked a joint



Like all humans, he too was filled with arrogance and pride

Qualities that we supreme predators learn early to deride

I will eat his large, juicy tummy first, I quickly made up my mind

And only then will I start chewing on his more than ample behind



He kept walking towards me, and now stood at just the right spot

I was ready to pounce and strike while the iron was hot

But suddenly, I froze in raw fear, and then started running helter skelter to avoid detection

When I saw that the damned Indian tourist had got along a polar bear for his protection







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The Frost Giants vs. The Whale

Tens of thousands of years ago, the Frost Giants ruled over the lands beyond the Arctic Circle. They were cruel, they were ruthless, they ruled with an icy fist….and then, they disappeared. Some say they were finally vanquished by Odin and his sons, others think it was some mysterious disease, or a meteor. But no one knew the real reason behind their disappearance…till now.

Anne was just a few months old, but to her mother and father, it seemed like they’d not even existed before she was born. Round as the sun, and just as bright and warm, skin so glossy that everyone called her the Mirror Whale, for, you see, Anne was a baby whale, who lived in the crystal-clear waters near Tromso.

They were the happiest of families. After giving birth to Anne, her mother and father decided that they did not want to divide their love and attention, so they decided not to have any more kids. Even at such a young age, Anne realized what a huge sacrifice her parents had made for her, and it just increased her love for them even more.

Anne’s heart was as pure as the waters in which she frolicked around all day, and she went out of her way to help any creature of the sea who needed her help. She loved everyone, and everyone loved her. Except for the Frost Giants.

The Frost Giants hated the very concept of love, for they knew that love led to warmth that could melt the most frigid of hearts, and so, to protect their rule, and their way of life, they crushed every dream of love before it could even take birth.

And so, when they came to know about Anne, and her love for all living beings, they decided to make an example out of her.

Anne was swimming with her friends, the mermaids, when a dolphin rushed up to her, panting, in a real state, and said, “Anne, come quickly, the Frost Giants have attacked your home.” Anne was horror-struck, she knew that neither she, nor her parents had ever harmed anyone, so why would the Frost Giants attack them?

She swam furiously through the rapidly freezing waters, for the entry of the Frost Giants froze everything that they came in contact with, praying that she would reach in time, that it was just a rumour, that it was just a dream, and her mother would be waiting at the door of their home with a snack of salmon, and her dad would have got a new toy for her…..but all her wishes and all her prayers could not change the harsh reality….She reached home to find that her warm, little home was no more, and her parents, who had sacrificed so much for her happiness, lay on the floor of the sea in tatters.

Anne let out a loud wail on seeing this, a wail that reached the ice palace of Laufey, the king of the Frost Giants, and which chilled him to the core; a wail that reached the bedchamber of a sleeping Odin in Asgard, and woke him with a start; a wail that broke the stone heart of the Troll King Dovregubben, inside his might mountain Dovre; a wail that tried very hard, but unfortunately, could not bring back Anne’s mother and father from the dead.

Odin, Dovregubben and Laufey waited for the wailing to stop, but it just went on and on. And soon, the Frost Giants on the streets started melting and shrinking in size, the trolls, in their mountain caves, started crumbling, and the Gods in Asgard started tumbling towards the earth. But the wail would not stop.

And so the kings of the three races, Odin, Dovregubben and Laufey rushed to the sea where Anne was wailing, and begged her to stop. But how do you get a broken heart to stop crying, how do you get shattered dreams to join back together? Anne kept on wailing, and now, even the three kings, despite all their powers, were starting to feel the effects of the whale’s wail.

And now Odin approached Anne tentatively, kept his hand gingerly on her head, and said in a loving tone, “Child, if you want, I and Dovregubben will vanquish each and every Frost Giant in all the three worlds, together we have enough power to do that. But please stop crying.”

On hearing this, Anne stopped for a few moments, and said, with giant tear-drops in her eyes, “That exactly is the problem, O great one, even now, you are talking about killing each other. It is hatred like this that killed my mother and father. I just want this meaningless fighting, this killing, this hatred, to end.”

And the three kings just looked at each other in amazement. They were the ones who were supposed to be old, and wise, and a baby whale, whose parents had just been killed, wanted to forgive their killers! Now there were tears in their eyes too.

And what about Laufey, the king of the Frost Giants? He heard all this, and his cruel, icy heart started melting, along with the rest of his huge body. For the purity of the little whale’s love had generated so much heat, that no heart of ice could withstand its warmth. And so Laufey melted, but with a smile on his face, for he knew now, that what he and his people had feared, pure love, was not their enemy, but the only thing that gave meaning to life.

And he melted away, into the Arctic Ocean, and so did all the Frost Giants in the world, and they formed a crystal clear blue sea of their own, with mountains inside the sea, images of which could be seen above ground too.


And then the Troll King Dovregubben placed his rocky hand on Anne’s head, and said, “The Frost Giants understood that they were wrong in hating love, and so now, they will live beneath this sea, and spread peace and joy. And Odin and I promise you, little one, that till the day people on earth recognize the power of love, the waters of this sea of Frost Giants will remain pure and transparent. But on the day that people start killing each other without reason, and love is again seen as an enemy, the Frost Giants will rise again, and then, no one will be able to stop them from ruling earth.”

And Anne finally stopped her wailing then, and smiled a sad little smile. The sacrifice of her parents had not been in vain after all. The love which they had all believed in so strongly, had finally won.

And today, when tourists take selfies against these icy blue waters, they do not realize that beneath it lurks a world of Frost Giants, just waiting for human cruelty and stupidity to cross a certain boundary, so that they can be resurrected, and can rule once again.


Narrator’s Note: My regular readers already know this, but a disclaimer always helps- This story is made up be me, and has no connection at all to authentic Norse mythology. It is my take on what could have been!



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The Return of the Moose

Remember Mickey, the moose who’d created havoc on the cruise ship, only to be stopped short in his tracks by the legend of Rajinikanth? (

Let us find out what happened to him on his return to Geiranger, after a long, hard swim.

Mickey was exhausted, wet to his bones, shivering with the cold, but also with humiliation. Full of false bravado, he had bragged to his friends that he could conquer the cruise ship single-handed, but his expedition had come to an ignominious end due to one man, the indomitable legend Rajinikanth, and his friends, who he had hoped would sing his paeans for eternity after that legendary conquest, were instead mocking him through a song that they had made:

‘See his power, see his might

He saw just a photo, and took flight

Mickey Moose, the bravest hero of them all

Jumped from a ship 18 Floors tall’

And the worst part was, his friends told him that the photo was of a crew member whose middle name was Rajinikanth, the legend himself was not on the ship. So it had all been for nothing. he had been THIS close to stealing the flag, THIS close!

It was this humiliation that led to Mickey’s reckless actions on that fateful day. His friends had been taunting him non-stop ever since his return around four hours ago, and Mickey could take it no longer. He had to do something extraordinarily audacious to show everyone that he was still the intrepid moose who had been the toast of the town till just this morning because of his fearlessness and boldness. It was time to show everyone he was still the bravest of them all.

So Mickey decided to board the ship again, and this time, instead of a flag, get a passenger as a souvenir!

And now, it was 1900 hours, and the moose was on the move. While on his previous visit, he had been brazen, like a battering ram, this time around, he was much more cautious, each movement studied, smooth as silk flying in the air, or Michelle Yeoh in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. A slight rustle of wind was all anyone could feel when Mickey passed by them, he was well-nigh invisible to the naked eye of ordinary humans.

On the sixth floor, Mickey finally found his perfect target. It was an Indian girl, who, he had heard, are extremely shy and sanskaari (Respectful of family values, loosely translated), so she would come along quietly.

He followed her through the long corridors, the shopping plaza, the casino, eight bars, and finally saw her open a door and enter. He tip-toed his way to the door, opened it without a creak, and pounced on the poor, unsuspecting girl….

…Who, while still in his iron grip, started guffawing loudly……Mickey was flabbergasted, stunned, shocked, amazed, and another 35 synonyms of the feeling, as found on


She now pushed Mickey aside, put one arm around him, and with a smile so wide that it could light up a theater, she told someone, “Photo Photo Photo!” And it was then that Mickey moose realized that he was in a theater, there were 1500 people present in the theater, and all of them were staring at him. And bang in front of him, an Indian man was asking him to stand still so that he could get a good shot.

“Smile,” said the man. Mickey was aghast. How dare this puny human ask a royal animal like a moose to pose for a photograph, like he was a puppy or something. Disgusting! He would gore him, and everyone in the theater, with his horns, that would teach them….

And it was then that, behind him, he heard the unmistakable voice of Rajinikanth, saying, “No one knows when or how I will arrive, but I will arrive when the time is right!” And Mickey froze. His friends, those prize idiots, were wrong. Rajinikanth was really there on the ship, and he would now tear him from horn to horn!

And while he was frozen thus, the Indian man managed to click a nice photograph of his wife with a man who he thought was dressed as a moose for some entertainment program on the ship.


And with the flash of the camera, Mickey Moose suddenly came to with a start, and without a moment’s hesitation, did what he was quite used to by now, especially on this particular ship. He ran, barreled through hundreds of passengers, reached the 18th floor, and jumped into the ice-cold weather. He didn’t care if his friends mocked him for the rest of his life, at least he would HAVE a life if he managed to escape successfully from the ship.

And in his haste, he missed the poster outside the theater which said, “MSC Preziosa celebrates the Indian Independence Day with one of the biggest hits of Superstar Rajinikanth, MUTHU, specially dubbed in English by the legend himself!


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The Secret Society

They thought it was just a cute, little restaurant, a shop or maybe even a church

But if they ever came to know the truth, it would give their world-view a tectonic lurch

For, you see, the white cottage was actually the headquarters of our secret organization

Revealing whose name would invite imprisonment, execution, or God forbid, rustication


Each member of our team is carefully selected to look innocent and innocuous


We are trained for five years just to keep our expression perfectly vacuous

The next ten years are devoted to practicing perfect timing for reaching just the right spot

And only then is a member inducted into the elite execution team, but only if there is a vacant slot


The job that we do is incredibly risky

The hours are long, and our targets can be quite pesky

But we continue to toil, onward and upward, much like in the story of King Robert Bruce and the spider

Or the poet Longfellow’s youth holding the banner with the strange device, Excelsior!


And so when we saw the Indian couple with a camera in their hand

We quickly got into the act, and gathered our band

And it is evidence of our clockwork-like efficiency, that in the midst of their smiles and their laughs

The Indians didn’t even realize that they’d been hit by the Bombers of the Photographs!





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The Last Princess of The Lost Castle

It was a castle like no other in the world, magnificent, imposing, and for Astrid, the most wonderful home in the world. She was all of seven years old, was Astrid, and as the only child of King Lars and Queen Anette, the Crown Princess of Bergen. But the day’s events would change all that, forever.

It all started very innocuously. Astrid woke up with the cacophony of seagulls as usual, and spent some time giving them company, and moral support, till her governess came and hushed her, telling her that this is not how princesses were supposed to behave. Astrid took her revenge for the admonishment by sticking her tongue out at the hag, but only when her back was turned towards Astrid. Even her father, the king himself, was not brave enough to attempt this feat in front of the tyrant.

Astrid finally got ready, took her lessons, and then she was off like a bird, out to play with seagulls on the port. As usual, there were two soldiers with her, not to protect her, for Bergen was a peaceful place, and Astrid was loved by one and all, but to protect the common folks from becoming a victim of her pranks. And as usual, Astrid easily gave them the slip and reached a portion of the harbour that was not very populated.

The games were on in full swing. Astrid had a basket-full of fish with her. She would throw a fish into the air, seagulls would come swooping down, and try to catch the fish in their beaks before it fell to the ground. The air was filled with the cries of seagulls.

Suddenly, Astrid felt a tap on her shoulder. She quickly turned around, fearing that her bodyguards had finally caught up with her. But she was relieved to see that it was only an old wayfarer, with a long beard and a broad hat on his head. But the most distinctive feature of the old man were his eyes- he had only one eye, with which he was now looking very closely at Astrid.

Astrid was not unduly alarmed, it was her kingdom after all. So she asked the old man, “Can I help you with something Sir?” The wayfarer looked longingly at the bucket of fish, and said, “Little Miss, I have been traveling, and have not eaten anything for four days. Can I have some fish?”

Now Astrid was still in a playful mood, so she asked the old man, “Yes, but how will you pay me for it? This fish is not free, you know, I charge 100 Krones for one fish!” The old man appeared to be really disappointed on hearing this, and he said, “Alas, I have no money young lady. Can’t you have mercy on an old man and give him some fish for free?”

Still looking at it as a game, Astrid replied, “No money, no fish.”

At this, something akin to rage could be seen on the face of the old man, but he controlled himself, fished around in his pocket, and suddenly opened his right hand. Astrid was shocked to see that there was a bar of gold in his hand.

The old man said, “I don’t have money, but I do have some gold, will this do?” But Astrid wanted the game to continue some more, so she said, “No, I said I want money, and I will only accept money. I am the princess of this great land, I have enough gold of my own. The turrets and roof of my castle are made of gold, even my dolls wear a dress made of gold.”

The man seemed even more enraged on hearing this, but somehow controlled his temper. This time, he put his left hand in his left pocket, and after a few seconds, took it out and opened it in front of Astrid’s face with a flourish. This time, the hand was full of magnificent, glittering diamonds. “Will this do, little girl, ” he asked Astrid.

But Astrid too was now in a belligerent mood. Without realizing it, the game had given way to a clash of egos. She replied petulantly, “No means no, what will I do with diamonds? I can’t use it to buy fish for my seagulls. And anyways, I have enough diamonds at home, even the chandeliers in our great castle are made of  diamonds!” So saying, she hit the old man’s hand hard, and the diamonds flew into the air.

And as she was watching the diamonds falling down from the air, Astrid saw a breath-taking transformation taking place in the old man. He was now wearing an armour of silver, and had a shiny spear in his hand. The colour quickly drained away from Astrid’s face, for she realized this was no ordinary wayfarer, but Odin, the father of Gods, about whose might her governess had been narrating stories ever since she was a small child.

And Odin was furious beyond belief. This slip of a young girl had so much pride in her kingdom, her riches, her power, and no kindness to shell out to an old, needy man? He thundered, “Thou hast refused my offer of riches because of thy arrogance, young girl, now thou shalt have to accept the consequences of my wrath!”

Astrid was whimpering, and shaking in her shoes. By now, all the fishermen in the harbour too had collected there to witness this awesome sight, and someone had called King Lars and Queen Anette also. They begged and pleaded in front of Odin, but his anger knew no bounds, and he said, “Thou hast trampled basic humanity and kindness in thy pride in thy riches and thy castle, so from this moment on, thy castle will lie on the streets, so that any passer-by can trample on it!”

And lo and behold, the castle started shrinking, while everyone looked on in horror, and in just a few seconds, the castle had shrunk into a round shaped iron gutter-cover, kept on the main street of the town.


The King, Queen and Astrid now started begging Odin for forgiveness. At his core, Odin was a very benevolent God, so he realized that he might have over-reacted, especially when he saw pearl-like tears in little Astrid’s blue eyes. His heart melted at this sight, and he said, “What is done cannot be undone, even by me. But let me tell you this: One day, I shall return to this town, it could be tomorrow, next year, or in a thousand years. And I shall try to buy a fish again, with gold or with diamonds. If the shopkeeper agrees to sell me the fish, I shall resurrect this castle.”

And since that day, dear readers, each shop in the Fish Market in Bergen Harbour has this sign posted on it:


For they know that Odin never breaks his promise, he WILL return one day, and on that day, someone will sell him fish against payment in gold or diamonds, and Bergen will have the most spectacular castle in the world again, and it will have a king again, and who knows, another lovely, playful, full of life princess like Astrid!

Narrator’s Note: Always good to remember that these stories have absolutely nothing to do with any facts, or with actual Norse mythology. The photographs, though, are 100% genuine, all from our travels, and clicked by us.

If you like this story, or other stories on this blog, please do not hesitate in sharing with like-minded people, so that they too can enjoy them. The blog-link, if you wish to share that separately with someone, is:







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The Girl with the Bronze Statue

On the pretty, colourful streets of Bergen, outside a souvenir shop

I saw a sight that almost literally made my jaw drop

I told my wife- That girl is beginning to give me quite a scare

Doesn’t she know that it is awfully rude to stare


My wife, at my prompting, looked in that direction

And the girl’s zombie-like concentration filled her too with consternation

What if she is like Urmila in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya, she said

We must do something, and soon, for her very sight is beginning to fill me with dread


So, after much deliberation, I decided that what the girl could do, I could too

And so I walked up to her defiantly, looked her in the eyes, and shouted- STATUE

But sometimes, you see, when one underestimates the extent of one’s own magic

It can lead to results that, in the end, turn out to be quite tragic


For my already great magical prowess had been magnified manifold

As the land of the midnight sun possessed magic older than old

Before I knew it, without any warning, the belligerent girl had made way

For a bronze statue that can still be seen on the streets of Bergen in Norway





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