A Legendary Demise

The old man rasped sharply,”How many times did they shoot me?”

The younger man asked tentatively, “Twice?”

The old man immediately corrected him authoritatively, “Make that three times…and… just add that I was poisoned too.”

The younger man nodded, and had just shut his notebook when the old man said, “And just for kicks, also say that I almost managed to claw out of my grave in the frozen river.”

As his PR Head left, Rasputin smiled in contentment.

Nothing went further in helping one attain a position of eminence in history, than a death that was legendary.


99 words.

Written in response to Carrot Ranch’s March 28 Flash Fiction Challenge. The word prompt given by our host Charli Mills this week was- Eminence.

For those unfamiliar with the legend of Rasputin, here’s a brief overview: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grigori_Rasputin



About anuragbakhshi

At the age of 40, I decided to exit the corporate world, and enter the world of stories as a full-time writer. Wish me luck!
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9 Responses to A Legendary Demise

  1. papershots says:

    hahaha! Rasputin sure knows how to go down in history… funny and well written! Chapeau!

  2. Jules says:

    Oh, those PR twists! The truth may never be known. Well penned!

  3. Charli Mills says:

    Rasputin knew had to spin his own legend! It was eerie to read of his murder — he wasn’t easy to kill apparently. Interesting how little we actually know, given the turmoil and destruction of the empire that followed. Great topic for the prompt and clever twist.

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  5. Nobbinmaug says:

    Awesome! I’ve often wondered about the validity of reports of Rasputin’s murder. Was he that hard to kill? Or were they just that mad at him?

  6. Violet Lentz says:

    Or many deaths, all rolled into one!

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