Separation Day

It’s Valentine’s Day today, the day that broke our heart
The day we lost each other, the day we were torn apart

All our lives, we were joined together as one
We lazed around, chilled, and had oodles of unadulterated fun

But then came that day, when it all came to an untimely end
Something happened, that neither time nor tide could mend

And try as we might, our efforts are bound to go in vain
For what chance do we have, when even all the king’s horses, and all the king’s men, could not put us together again!


99 words.

Written in response to theΒ Carrot Ranch Feb 14 Flash Fiction Challenge


About anuragbakhshi

At the age of 40, I decided to exit the corporate world, and enter the world of stories as a full-time writer. Wish me luck!
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15 Responses to Separation Day

  1. Abhijit Ray says:

    What is that day? What happened?

  2. Beautiful poem, but oh so sad.

  3. Well, Hallmark won’t like it but it’s a fine love poem, as that’s the way it goes sometimes.

  4. A bit of bad timing. Good poem!

  5. Charli Mills says:

    This makes me think Humpty Dumpty and his love were Cadbury Eggs! But that getting my holidays crossed, isn’t it? Fun flash, Anurag!

  6. Jules says:

    Too bad Humpity wasn’t boiled first, eh? πŸ™‚

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