Insult to Injury

I could sense its presence much before it came into view, and the shiver that ran through my body had nothing to do with the ice-cold seawater. I knew the monster was coming for me.

I saw it now, piercing through the sea mist and looming ominously over me like a kraken. Very soon, it would attempt to hunt me down, and finally, vengeance would be mine.

I could forgive him the leathery taste of that rotten leg, but Captain Ahab deserved the tortures of the nine circles of hell for naming a majestic whale like me, Moby Dick!


99 words.

Written in response to the Carrot Ranch Literary Community’s Flash Fiction Challenge,hosted by Charli Mills.


About anuragbakhshi

At the age of 40, I decided to exit the corporate world, and enter the world of stories as a full-time writer. Wish me luck!
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14 Responses to Insult to Injury

  1. Violet Lentz says:

    So clever and I totally agree!

  2. susanzutautas says:


  3. Jules says:

    I enjoy your twists. Interesting how ‘nick-names’ can haunt beings in life and in death too!

  4. Priya says:

    Ah! Did he really deserve that? A clever take, indeed.

  5. Good perspective. Yep, in the next scene Ahab has a whale of a time.

  6. Charli Mills says:

    Names matter! Clever perspective, Anurag.

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  8. Awesome! The whale was my favorite character in that great work. Melville should’ve titled it Call Me Moby. 😀

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