Trip to Turkey Day 7 – If Wishes were Balloons… #TurkishDelight


Note: This is the eighth and final installment in my series of trip reports from Turkey. You can find the previous seven here: , here: here:,here:, here: , and here:

It was the last day of our trip as a group, and at the Kayseri Airport in Cappadocia, even though there were smiles on our faces for the camera as usual, our hearts were heavy. No one likes saying goodbye, after all.


We all were traveling till Istanbul Airport together, after which Jiggy, Thakkar, and Pratik would fly off to Antalya, while Medha and I would get into Insanebul, I mean Istanbul for a night and then return to India the next day.

We started trudging towards the plane, dragging our feet to make those last moments together last for as long as possible.


“This is such a…

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