Trip to Turkey Day 4 – An Omelette for Thakkar #TurkishDelight


Note: This is the fifth installment in my series of trip reports from Turkey. You can find the first four here: , here: here:, and here:

“Aaj main omelette khaayega,” (Today, I shall eat an omelette, spoken in typical grammatically-incorrect Bombay lingo, for the correct word, obviously, should have been ‘khaaoonga’, but anyways, that’s neither here nor there) Thakkar spontaneously blurted out in his typical grammatically-incorrect Bombay lingo as soon as he saw the basket full of huge, colorful round balls.


“But we’ve never seen eggs this size, shape, or colour,” I spoke up, ever the voice of caution (in my opinion. For everyone else, mine was ever the voice of cowardice), “what if they are dangerous?”

Pratik took the opening provided by me with elan, and piped in with one of his legendary one-liners, “Three things will always taste good, whatever the source-…

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