Trip to Turkey Day 2- A Skirt for Swati #TurkishDelight


Note: This is the third installment of my series of trip reports from Turkey. You can find the first two here: and here:

Our first full day in Istanbul started off on a glorious note- it was bright, sunny, and the Bosphorus seemed to be inviting us to come pay a visit.


However, we had other plans for the day, apart from a long, leisurely breakfast, that is.


Today was the day for the two iconic and imposing domes that loomed over the city- the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophiya. If only we had known what was in store for us, maybe we would have taken up the Bosphorus’s invitation after all.

Ever since we met her again at breakfast, Swati had been repeating the same thing again and again, like a parrot whose tape is stuck..or is that a tape? Anyways, the point is, that she…

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