The Magic Apple

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there ruled a king who was just and fair

He had three sons, as was the custom those days, two sensible, and then the youngest, with his head full of air

But wisdom is not everything, as they say, what also matters is a kind heart

That was something the older two lacked, but the youngest more than compensated for it on his part


Now it so happened that one fateful day, the king fell frightfully ill, and within no time, was virtually on his deathbed

The Medicine Men tried their best to fight it, but their faces clearly said they thought the king was as good as dead

It was then that a Wise Old Woman came to the palace, and made an announcement that filled all hearts with hope

She said- The king will be back to his old self again, as long as you can bring me the Magic Apple from the garden of the Princess of Xanthope


The king’s family and court rejoiced as they heard this, and started giving orders for their soldiers to start preparing an expedition

When the Wise Old Woman put a spanner in their works and said- Only the son of the ill man can lay his hand on the Magic Apple, such is the tradition

And so, despite the misgivings of their courtiers, the three sons of the king got ready, and were soon on their way

With their mother especially warning the youngest one not to dilly-dally chatting with strangers, or there would be hell to pay


For seven nights and seven days, the brothers kept riding through challenging terrain on their majestic steeds

But while the older two were worried about their father, the youngest’s head was filled with dreams of adventure, glory, and countless amazing deeds

And it was then that they reached a forest, that was dark, deep, and seemed full of mystery

The older brothers decided to bypass it, but the youngest saw it as an opportunity for making history


So leaving his brothers to go on their way, our hero entered the darkness of the thick forest with a song on his lips

On and on he rode, deeper and deeper, till his horse suddenly reared high on his two rear legs, causing his rider to slide off, and fall hard, almost breaking his hips

The horse cantered off, leaving the prince alone, but the price could not care less

His eyes were stuck on a sight so beautiful, that in one go, it wiped off all his stress

Photo prompt courtesy Sue Vincent

It was a way-stone, covered with glistening green moss from head to toe

And now it called out to the prince, and said- O Youngest Son, where do you want to go?

Most people would have balked upon coming across a stone that could talk, but our intrepid prince knew that forests were filled with magical creatures like elves and fae

And so, without batting an eyelid, he nonchalantly replied- I’m looking for the Magic Apple, but seem to have lost my way


The way-stone seemed delighted upon meeting someone who was not frightened out of his wits on seeing him, someone so confident and smart

And said in a deep, yet cheerful voice- Pour some water into my roots, my son, and I shall show you a short-cut to the princess’s garden…and her heart

The prince knew then that his quest would soon come to a successful conclusion

While his brothers would still be looking for a way to bypass the forest, scratching their heads in confusion


He now took out a water bottle from his bag, and walking up to the way-stone, watered its roots

And almost immediately, the way-stone was filled with dozens of apples, mangoes, and various other exotic fruits

The way-stone now asked the prince to come closer, and when he had done so, said gravely- Listen carefully, O Prince, for the forest is full of demonic creatures and terrible dangers

And then, as it opened its mouth wide and gobbled up the prince, it said- Didn’t your Mamma warn you against talking to strangers?


Written in response to the #writephoto Prompt – Way-stone at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo.


About anuragbakhshi

At the age of 40, I decided to exit the corporate world, and enter the world of stories as a full-time writer. Wish me luck!
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  2. Abhijit Ray says:

    I thought young adventurous prince will be the one who will be successful. Storyteller

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