Guess Who’s Coming for Onam Sadhya?

It’s Onam today. Most of Kerala is not celebrating their biggest festival today because of the floods. Here’s hoping that my favorite place in the country gets back on its feet pronto. Re-sharing my humble tribute to Onam on this occasion in the meanwhile.


If you ever asked Ruchita and Sharath what they had in common, you would find none of the usual suspects in terms of common backgrounds, shared hobbies, or synergistic traits. Ruchita is a Marwari, Sharath is a Malayali. Ruchita is a pure vegetarian, frowning upon even consumption of egg, Sharath had started considering emigrating from India when he had come to know about the Beef Ban. Ruchita, despite being a Marwari, has no head for business, or taste for numbers, and is a painter, Sharath is the son of two chefs but is a financial analyst by profession.

So what DID bring them together, you might ask, and rightly so?

Ask them, and they will give you the same surprising answer- Onam Sadhya!

The first time Ruchita and Sharath met was at an Onam Sadhya, or feast, at Sharath’s place. Ruchita was 15 years old then, and Sharath 16. Sharath’s…

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4 Responses to Guess Who’s Coming for Onam Sadhya?

  1. syncwithdeep says:

    Haha.. Lovely tale of two sweet hearts. I enjoyed it anurag..

  2. abhiray59 says:

    Very timely post. Nice!

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