The Makeover of Prazeres #PortugalPlots #28DaysInPortugal

The highway was empty, as usual, and my car spoke with the wind as it breezed towards Prazeres.
Prazeres, my village for forty years, means ‘Pleasures’ in Portuguese, and as I entered the village, I could see why. Flowers of multiple colors and hues bloomed wild,
and the views of the Atlantic were unmatched in Madeira.
However, the village had failed to keep up with the changing times, and most houses there were now in a dilapidated condition.
In short, this was the perfect location for my new project of luxury condominiums.
All it would involve was buying most of this land from the beleaguered villagers at throwaway prices, and then, leveling everything to build my condos for the rich and the famous.
The wild flowers needed to be removed first, of course, because they were encroaching on MY land. We would earmark some planned spaces for growing more, at a later stage, once the building construction was underway.
I was excited as I reached the project site. The first day of a project is always exhilarating. The earthmover was already there, and would have started work by now. Strangely enough, there was no sound that I could hear. Those monsters usually created quite a ruckus. Maybe the operator would have gone on a break.
But imagine my surprise, as I turned the corner, and discovered that my crazily-expensive demolition machine, had been demolished itself.
I was horrified. What on earth could do that to an earthmover? I rushed out to try and locate the operator, and found him frozen, literally, with fear.
I then ran to get hold of the site foreman, but he too was rooted to the spot, scared stiff.
As for the security guy…
On closer inspection, I noticed that he was staring towards the field at the other side of the road. Trying to suppress my fear, I started walking towards the field. As I reached it, I stopped, and looked inside, and found…. nothing.
That is strange, I thought to myself, why would my guy be staring at an empty field.
And then I looked again, and realized that my dreams of turning Prazeres into a concrete jungle would never come to fruition, for seated inside the field, was the biggest, baddest, meanest bulls of all, Ferdinand, the legendary eco-friendly bull, who had come to stop the flowers from being uprooted.
Narrator’s Note: More on Ferdinand, the flower-loving bull for those unfamiliar with him:

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