The Maiden Flight

The flight was not very long or tough, as flights go, but it was certainly a very important one, since the passengers were extremely important, and were flying for the first time.
They climbed aboard and were all agog with excitement, shouting, screeching, screaming, filled with curiosity about every little thing.  They wanted to take off as soon as possible.
But Ryan’s vast experience of flying told him that haste almost always makes waste. So he checked and double checked everything, and then checked once again. And it was then that he found the anomaly.
He checked minutely again, almost in slow motion. Yes, he was right, there was a minor, but distinct list in his left wing. He now remembered the pigeon who had appeared out of nowhere last evening and crashed into his wing. It was so small that he had forgotten to clean it up.
“Sorry folks,” he announced in a grave tone, for he knew how huge a disappointment this was going to be, “But we won’t be able to fly right now.” Expectedly, the news was met with groans so loud that people for mikes around had to cover their ears.
“But why?” shouted the passengers. “It’s too technical,” he replied, but they kept on pestering him till he told them the real reason.
But no sooner had he finished telling them the gory details that he saw a strange sight. All of them rushed to his left wing, and ATE UP the remnants of the bird kill, licking off every last bit so that no remnant of the accident existed anymore, as if it was never there.
“Well, that’s taken care of, so can we please fly now?” exclaimed the passengers.
Ryan’s face was filled with wonder… and pride, and he said, “Roger that!”
And it was thus that Ryan the dragon managed to carry his five kids on his back for a picnic to Lonavala. They were very excited, it was their first flight after all!

About anuragbakhshi

At the age of 40, I decided to exit the corporate world, and enter the world of stories as a full-time writer. Wish me luck!
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