The Humble Teacher

This is me, in ‘saari duniya ka bojh hum uthaate hain’ mode.
But trust me, when that day started, I had no idea that this was going to be the day when my world would turn upside down so comprehensively.
Like any other morning, I reached school at 7:30am and found the Principal waiting for me.
It seems some XIIth Class Medical students had complained about my teaching methodology and skills… again! Ungrateful rascals, I thought to myself, while nodding my head periodically during the Principal’s diatribe, I challenge them to find better visual aids than the ones I use!
Anyways, that is neither here nor there, so I continued teaching, and the students listened with rapt attention, as usual.
After my class, I took my boat out of the parking, and started off towards home. The Principal’s boat had sprung a leak,  so I gallantly offered to drop her home. For some strange reason, she seemed apprehensive about coming with me, but finally acquiesced after I agreed to allow a new biology teacher to take just 99% of my classes to lighten my load. I think the Principal is finally recognizing my true worth.
We were just approaching the James Bond Island when it happened. A boat from another school tried to get ahead of us. Now I am originally from Delhi, so that is NOT a valid possibility! So I pressed the accelerator(and the horn of course, always the horn), and kept it pressed till we left the losers far behind.
It was as I turned to show them the middle finger, that my boat rammed into the base of the James Bond Island, and kept on boring into it, forming multiple brand new holes in the 60 million years old rock formation.
And as I looked up in horror, a huge wall on the island started tilting, gently at first, and then with great intensity, and it was going to fall directly on the limestone rock jutting out of the sea like chicken lollipop, which is also the most recognized symbol of the island.
I had just set into motion events that could destroy the one landmark responsible for running the local economy since 1974!
Thankfully, my Principal, with great presence of mind, arrived upon the perfect solution. “Hold the wall,” she said, “while I go and fetch help.”
So, here I am, holding the wall. It’s only been 30 days since she left to get help on my boat. I’m sure she must be on her way back by now. The possibility of her ditching me does not arise, of course, where will she find another accomplished biology teacher like me!

About anuragbakhshi

At the age of 40, I decided to exit the corporate world, and enter the world of stories as a full-time writer. Wish me luck!
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  1. Sharada says:

    Why Biology? Why not English? 😁

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