The Rescue Mission

Not so long ago, in a remote corner of Thailand, lived a doe called Kho. A doe, as Maria so succinctly explained long ago, is a deer, a female deer to be precise. But Kho was more than just a doe, she was also a mother of two little kids, called Khuk and Khak. Also, not that it matters to this story, but always good to know, Kho was a single mother, since her husband Khus had run away with their neighbour’s maid immediately after Khuk and Khak had been born.
OK, now that I have khonfused… I mean confused you enough, let me get down to the actual story.
Kho was grazing peacefully with her kids when she suddenly noticed something that caused her great consternation.
No, no, not the couple taking truckloads of selfies, but the storm that was approaching quickly from behind them. They were so obsessed with their selfie session that they had no idea about what was going to hit them like ten thousand tonnes of bricks within the next few minutes if they did not take shelter immediately.
Kho waited for them to notice the dark clouds, the hush that had fallen over the area, or the mugginess that had now replaced the pleasant climate of a few moments ago, but they were as oblivious to those portents as a blind ant is to an elephant.
So Kho immediately rushed into action. She sent her elder son Khuk to warn the couple. But within two minutes, Khuk was back. “Did you pass on the message? asked Kho. Khuk replied,” Err, actually, a small complication has arisen mom. You better come and see. “
Now all three of them ran towards the couple, where they saw a strange sight- The man was standing on top of a rock, and waving his hands like a duck trying to take flight, shouting at the top of his voice,” I’m stuck, I’m stuck. ” His wife was standing on the beach, trying to calm him down, and persuade him to just jump, as the rock was less than half a meter high, but in his panicked condition, the man was in no state to do anything sensible.
Not one to stand and ponder endlessly for too long, Kho passed on some instructions to her kids, and then quickly trotted over to the rock and stood by it. Next came Khuk, who jumped, and stood on top of his mother, and finally came Khak, who, being the youngest and the lightest, jumped and stood on top of his brother.
Now they were as high as the rock, and the man, with much trepidation, got onto Khuk’s back. And then… Kho shrugged gently, and Khuk and Khuk together jumped off her back. Now it was Khuk’s turn to shrug, and Khak and the man landed on the beach.
The man now got off Khak, and he and his wife thanked the three deer profusely. Kho and her kids beamed with pleasure at a deed well done, and trotted back home.
And as they reached home and slipped into their pyjamas, Kho slapped her head with her front hoof as she remembered something.  “What happened mom?” asked Khuk and Khak with a worried look on their cute, little faces.
But Kho just ran out, and looked towards the beach. Yes, her fears had not been unfounded. In all the commotion related to the rescue mission, she had forgotten to warn the couple about the approaching storm, and there they were, on the beach, still taking selfies!

About anuragbakhshi

At the age of 40, I decided to exit the corporate world, and enter the world of stories as a full-time writer. Wish me luck!
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