Pinku Saves the Day

(Narrator’s Note: Continuing with this week’s theme of experimenting with a variety of genres, today’s story is aimed at actual kids, not just the kids in you 🙂 So read it out to them, and let me know what they think.)

His mother was black, his father was brown

So when he was born, it led to many a frown

For he was neither black nor brown, you see

They named him Pinku, for he was as pink as pink can be


Growing up in Aarey Milk Colony, he was always lonely, but never sad

And even though none of the other kids played with him, he never felt too bad

For his colour might have been pink, but his heart was solid gold

So Pinku always had a smile on his lips, and never let any bad feelings take hold


But then, one day, during a cricket match between the little pigs of the neighbourhood

Something happened that turned around his life, and changed it for good

He was not included in any team, as usual, because of his different colour

And so he just sat watching a brown pig take strike against a black bowler


But unknown to everyone, there was someone else too who was watching the match

And waiting for the right moment, lurking right behind the large cabbage patch

And as soon as he saw that all the big pigs had left for the day

The leopard jumped on to the field, and blocked the kids’ way


The leopard then roared menacingly and said, I’m hungry, but not cruel you know

So tell me who among you is the juiciest, and the tastiest, and the rest of you can go

All the baby pigs started crying then, their hearts filled with fright

And not a single one of them even thought of putting up a fight


But then, a little pink pig walked boldly up to the leopard from the side

And said- Sir, I’m obviously the tastiest, trust me, I’m not taking you for a ride

Look at them, all dirty, black and brown, while I am nice, juicy and pink

Who would be tastier, them or me, please use your brain and think


The other pigs were filled with guilt and shame on seeing this selfless sacrifice

By a pig whom they never even acknowledged, forget being friendly or nice

The leopard, in the meanwhile, had made up his mind

And using a rope, tied up Pinku’s arms and legs in a tight bind


And it was then that the other pigs saw something that made them emotional and sentimental

For even while he was facing certain doom, Pinku had a big smile on his lips that was both loving and gentle

And it was this smile that gave the other pigs courage, and they suddenly knew what to do

So the black pigs and the brown pigs pounced on the leopard, and beat him black and blue


The leopard ran away whimpering, crying aloud for his mummy

Swearing never to touch a pig again, even though it may look very yummy

And the pigs resumed their cricket match, but now with Pinku too taking part

For the little pigs had realized that the colour of the skin does not matter, all that counts is the colour of your heart


About anuragbakhshi

At the age of 40, I decided to exit the corporate world, and enter the world of stories as a full-time writer. Wish me luck!
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