The Troll Prince Vanishes!

Narrator’s Note: This is a story tied together by pictures, so do not judge it just by its cover (picture)! Read on…

Tinku was the son of a king, and while all sons are precious, this one was even more so, since he was the only child of his parents, the crown prince of the magical troll kingdom. So, he was raised in a protected environment, shielded from the world, as their enemies were many, and friends few. Not exactly a normal childhood, but normal enough for the scion of the royal family of Trolls. And now, he had suddenly gone missing.

There was a huge furore in the palace, and the royal bedchambers was a vision in destruction, as it had just seen the wrath of a mother whose precious son had disappeared from her bed in the midst of the night, and who, though it was easy to forget seeing her Nirupa Roy-like demeanour, was one of the most magical and powerful creatures in the world.

The troll king was pacing up and down in his Deewan-e-Khaas (Chamber meant for special guests and events, and if this event was not special, God knows what would be), and his numerous advisers, generals and sorcerers were looking at him with consternation, for they knew of his legendary temper, and if he lost it, there was a serious chance that half the world would blow up, along with them of course.

“You have exactly 60 minutes,” he told his entourage in a menacing tone. “If my son has not been found by then, I shall ban the import of Nutella into the kingdom with immediate effect.” And that did the trick, for everyone knows that trolls love their Nutella, and are ready to live without Oxygen, or with half the world blown away, for that matter, but could not visualize an existence without Nutella.

So now, they were out in a jiffy, rushing to  not just contact their sources across the world, but to even teleport to various corners of the earth themselves in order to find the little rascal…errr prince.

The Seagulls were keeping tabs from high above the ground, when they saw a small shape on a bridge, that looked suspiciously similar to the troll prince.



So they signaled the pigeons to have a closer look.


But the pigeons too got just a glimpse before the shape disappeared in a blur. So one of them flew at break-neck speed, skimming the surface of the fjord, almost like a power-boat, but it could still not catch Tinku.



However, they now knew he was somewhere in the old town area of Tromso. They went to the town cathedral and prayed that they could find the prince in time, before it was too late.


But the clock was still ticking, and now there were less than 10 minutes left to destruction and desolation, the end of life as the trolls knew it, a life without Nutella! So when General Hvath got the message from the seagulls that Tinku was in Tromso Old Town, he played his final hand in desperation, he sent a message to the Indian, calling in his old debt.

And before you knew it, hundreds of seagulls flew in to the helipad on the ship on which the Indian was travelling.


The passengers were scared out of their wits, but this was just the start, for what they saw after that left 73 German, Spanish and French grannies fainted (The Italian Nonnas were unfazed, however, as nothing could shock them!). The Indian man jumped from the deck, towards the sea, and landed bang in the middle of a sea of seagulls, who then proceeded to zoom towards Tromso Old Town, the Indian safely parked on their backs. Time left to D & D, 3 minutes.

He disembarked safely in the town square, but was confused as to which direction to take, when suddenly a seagull came and started walking towards a street. The Indian knew that he was supposed to follow it.


So he ran behind it, turned around the corner, and saw….

A ferocious dog, just about to attack the troll prince Tinku, and tear him into little pieces. Tinku, apparently, had snatched a jar of Nutella from the mouth of the dog, and the dog was not pleased at all.


The Indian took all this in at a glance, and quickly got in between the dog and the prince, and threatened the dog with an invisible spear in his hands.


The dog might have been fierce, and a killer, but he was no Einstein. He ran away with his tail between his legs, fearing for his life. And the Indian man quickly asked someone to click a proof of life with the prince, and WhatsApp it to the General, who quickly showed it to the king, just in the nick of time, and everyone breathed a deep sigh of relief. The world, and Nutella, was safe once more.


And what of the brave Indian, you ask? Well, the troll king personally met him at the port, thanked him, hugged him, and said, “I will come to you when you need it the most, and gift you what you need the most at that time.”


And that is how the troll king came to meet me when we were leaving Norway behind, and gifted us with a ravishing rainbow, along with a magical message (See:




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At the age of 40, I decided to exit the corporate world, and enter the world of stories as a full-time writer. Wish me luck!
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