The Return of the Moose

Remember Mickey, the moose who’d created havoc on the cruise ship, only to be stopped short in his tracks by the legend of Rajinikanth? (

Let us find out what happened to him on his return to Geiranger, after a long, hard swim.

Mickey was exhausted, wet to his bones, shivering with the cold, but also with humiliation. Full of false bravado, he had bragged to his friends that he could conquer the cruise ship single-handed, but his expedition had come to an ignominious end due to one man, the indomitable legend Rajinikanth, and his friends, who he had hoped would sing his paeans for eternity after that legendary conquest, were instead mocking him through a song that they had made:

‘See his power, see his might

He saw just a photo, and took flight

Mickey Moose, the bravest hero of them all

Jumped from a ship 18 Floors tall’

And the worst part was, his friends told him that the photo was of a crew member whose middle name was Rajinikanth, the legend himself was not on the ship. So it had all been for nothing. he had been THIS close to stealing the flag, THIS close!

It was this humiliation that led to Mickey’s reckless actions on that fateful day. His friends had been taunting him non-stop ever since his return around four hours ago, and Mickey could take it no longer. He had to do something extraordinarily audacious to show everyone that he was still the intrepid moose who had been the toast of the town till just this morning because of his fearlessness and boldness. It was time to show everyone he was still the bravest of them all.

So Mickey decided to board the ship again, and this time, instead of a flag, get a passenger as a souvenir!

And now, it was 1900 hours, and the moose was on the move. While on his previous visit, he had been brazen, like a battering ram, this time around, he was much more cautious, each movement studied, smooth as silk flying in the air, or Michelle Yeoh in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. A slight rustle of wind was all anyone could feel when Mickey passed by them, he was well-nigh invisible to the naked eye of ordinary humans.

On the sixth floor, Mickey finally found his perfect target. It was an Indian girl, who, he had heard, are extremely shy and sanskaari (Respectful of family values, loosely translated), so she would come along quietly.

He followed her through the long corridors, the shopping plaza, the casino, eight bars, and finally saw her open a door and enter. He tip-toed his way to the door, opened it without a creak, and pounced on the poor, unsuspecting girl….

…Who, while still in his iron grip, started guffawing loudly……Mickey was flabbergasted, stunned, shocked, amazed, and another 35 synonyms of the feeling, as found on


She now pushed Mickey aside, put one arm around him, and with a smile so wide that it could light up a theater, she told someone, “Photo Photo Photo!” And it was then that Mickey moose realized that he was in a theater, there were 1500 people present in the theater, and all of them were staring at him. And bang in front of him, an Indian man was asking him to stand still so that he could get a good shot.

“Smile,” said the man. Mickey was aghast. How dare this puny human ask a royal animal like a moose to pose for a photograph, like he was a puppy or something. Disgusting! He would gore him, and everyone in the theater, with his horns, that would teach them….

And it was then that, behind him, he heard the unmistakable voice of Rajinikanth, saying, “No one knows when or how I will arrive, but I will arrive when the time is right!” And Mickey froze. His friends, those prize idiots, were wrong. Rajinikanth was really there on the ship, and he would now tear him from horn to horn!

And while he was frozen thus, the Indian man managed to click a nice photograph of his wife with a man who he thought was dressed as a moose for some entertainment program on the ship.


And with the flash of the camera, Mickey Moose suddenly came to with a start, and without a moment’s hesitation, did what he was quite used to by now, especially on this particular ship. He ran, barreled through hundreds of passengers, reached the 18th floor, and jumped into the ice-cold weather. He didn’t care if his friends mocked him for the rest of his life, at least he would HAVE a life if he managed to escape successfully from the ship.

And in his haste, he missed the poster outside the theater which said, “MSC Preziosa celebrates the Indian Independence Day with one of the biggest hits of Superstar Rajinikanth, MUTHU, specially dubbed in English by the legend himself!



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At the age of 40, I decided to exit the corporate world, and enter the world of stories as a full-time writer. Wish me luck!
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