The Tour to Nowhere

Note: Originally posted on Facebook on June 15

The Tour To Nowhere

The two tour guides of rival ships, sat down for a drink after another long and frustrating day
One was a middle-aged man with a beard, the other a handsome woman who could still make many hearts sway
On the face of it, the two had nothing in common, he was rustic, while she was a glamorous beauty of yore
But their relationship had matured like aged wine due to a point both of them found equally sore

These cruisers have made my life hell, said the man to the woman, in a fit of craziness
Their greed knows no bounds, and is surpassed only by their laziness
They start the tour late because they don’t want to miss out on their sleep and breakfast
And then cut it short, often before the best bits, so that they don’t reach the dinner table last

His lady love concurred, and laid open her own cup of woes
We are supposed to be their guides, philosophers and friends, she said, but they look upon us as mortal foes
All because we push them to see stunning scenery and every historical monument
Which, if it interferes with their meals, seems to them like punishment

And as it often happens, or OK, not that often also
This crib session led to a series of events that culminated on a high hill in Tromso
The two guides took their next batch of passengers on a long-winded trip in the middle of nowhere
And then disappeared on some pretext, aiming to give the buggers a right, royal scare

They thought they would come back in an hour after randomly roaming around
But imagine their horror when they returned, to find that the passengers were nowhere to be found
They searched high and they searched low
But their wards had disappeared off the face of the earth, or it definitely appeared to be so

And now they got really mortified, and started having nightmares about life in a Norwegian jail
They thought and thought if there was any other way, but to no avail
So they decided to run away together, to start a new life in Burma
And pray that somehow, through a miracle maybe, the passengers would have found their way back to terra firma

They did that, and are happily guiding trekkers in their adopted country today
But I am sure my discerning readers will be asking, what about those passengers, pray?
Well, maybe they were all captured by trolls, caught in a landslide, or were victims of other dangers, which were more than a few
Or, maybe, just maybe, they saw this spectacular scenery, and decided to just settle down in these hills, waking up every day to this view


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At the age of 40, I decided to exit the corporate world, and enter the world of stories as a full-time writer. Wish me luck!
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