The Polar Bear

Narrator’s Note: Off on a long vacation from tonight, to the Norwegian fjords, and across the Arctic Circle to Svalbard, returning to India on the 25th. Not carrying my laptop, so would not be able to write my regular stories, but will try to write at least four lines every day on my phone, weaving in a story from the happenings of the day. If I see a polar bear on this trip, I promise (or threaten, if you’re not a discerning reader) to write two items a day from the 25th, if the polar bear sees me, then no promises will be valid anymore!


There were tourists out there, though the snow was making it difficult to see

And pilaan ke mutaabik I took my family and hid them behind a large tree

Because tourists, at times can be worse than hunters for us polar bears

For when they arrive, we need to get our lazy asses off our sofas and chairs


They’re always looking for a show, these piddly little humans, with cameras equally huge

Sometimes I feel my ancestors were happier, even when they were caught in that great deluge

There were only two humans on Noah’s Ark, after all

And so they didn’t have to pose in front of them like a doll


Somehow, despite all their intelligence, humans equate us to teddy bears

And forget that we are beasts of prey, and have always been a target of hunters’ bullets & snares

So even though we know that hurting humans will get the forest authorities on our back

Occasionally we forget it, and our instincts force us to attack


For who among us likes to be disturbed in their own backyards

That too in the middle of the latest episode of House Of Cards

So I had decided to finally take this bull (shit) by the horns

And teach these humans that like any rose, we too come with our thorns


The group of tourists crept quietly towards our family’s cave

No doubt eager for that ONE picture that all tourists crave

And as soon as they reached our hiding place, looking for a clue

We all came out with our arms raised, shouting a loud and raucous BOO!


Cameras flew in all directions, so did phones and iPads

It was not just the kids who got scared out of their wits, but also their dads

They ran helter-skelter, back to the tour bus that had brought them here

And we finally returned to watching the next sinister conspiracies of Frank Underwood & his wife Claire



About anuragbakhshi

At the age of 40, I decided to exit the corporate world, and enter the world of stories as a full-time writer. Wish me luck!
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  1. det-res says:

    What fun! Enjoy your travels

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